Some FAQs

Every web site has to have an FAQ page so this is our starter for 10 – hopefully this will allow members to talk about Strive to their mates and encourage new folk that we are not wierd and maybe call us or come along to an event! Some things you never thought to ask about Strive!

  1. So what is it?

Strive is a bunch of Christian guys who want to have fellowship with other guys, sometimes that will be overtly Christian and often it will be purely social, like our curry club.

  1. I’m not a Christian so it’s not for me.

We were set up by Christians but we are a men’s group, if you’re a guy you’re welcome and if you don’t want to join the God squad stuff that’s ok with us. You can probably still throw a dart, eat a curry and pretend you think Jeremy Clarkson is an idiot.

  1. So what do you do?

Well we meet for pure joy of meeting together for food or sport, we invite other guys to come and talk to us about issues we care about and we mix those things together. We also study the bible and pray together for those blokes who want to do that. A lot of it is managed on the www so have a look at

  1. Is this just another example of the CofE being anti women?

Do you honestly think that us men would have a good idea on our own?! We already have a number of women’s groups in the church, and encourage support from the great women around us.

  1. O.K I’m interested but I’m not part of your church.

That’s great; this is not a Christ Church or Church of England initiative; it’s just guys trying to get together. We have Anglicans, Baptists, Roman Catholics and Atheists; we even have an Evertonian! If you want to find out more or to attend an event email us