October – Evening Coffee + Bible

BibleStudyOur bible study is moving!

We’re trialling this autumn/winter a Sunday evening spot for our coffee and bible.  So if you’re not a Saturday morning person, you’ll fit right in!

These will be 3rd Sunday of every month from 7pm (to 8ish) beginning 16th October.

The rest remains the same!

These catch-ups consist of a relaxed chat through a chapter or two from a book of the bible, of course with a coffee. (other drinks are available if necessary!)

The plan this month is looking at Jonah… yup the guy and the big fish.  But there is so much more to this story than the big fish.  It’s also a story of storms and sailors, rebellion and rescue, preaching and protest; a story full of cliffhanger endings!  So come and explore with us.

Sunday Oct 16th, from 7pm in the Rose Room, Christ Church, Warminster.  We plan to make these meetings fit in everyday life, so we promise to finish by 8ish.  

What is it like?  We take a chapter or two, read it through together & chat about what we find. Absolutely no experience of the bible is necessary, all you need is a thirst to find out more & a willingness to share in a safe environment.

Where is it? We will meet in the Rose Room (upstairs in the main church), Christ Church, Warminster; see map below.

What shall I bring?  Yourself!  We will supply coffee/tea and a bible if you like.

Is there any cost?  No, not a bean!

Look forward to seeing you there.


One thought on “October – Evening Coffee + Bible

  1. Are you sure it’s the Third Sunday . Thought it was second sunday of the Month at last Bible Study?? Correct me if I’m wrong .
    Blessings in him

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