Valentines Day (…no bible study)

Christian LoveA quick note to say there will be no men’s bible study this month.

Why?  Because it’s scheduled for Valentines day – Sat 14th Feb!

We realise that a good part of this day is purely centered around boosting the coffers of the florists and chocolatiers.  However, it is also a perfect opportunity to ensure your loved ones know how you feel.

So if you are in a relationship try spending some time considering John 13:34-35 and how that should shape your relationship.

If you are not, then please do spend time praying for the friends & family who are.  There isn’t a relationship that I know of that couldn’t benefit with a dose of prayer!

On that note.  All relationships are rarely straightforward or easy.  Please also take a moment to read through the work of Restored.  Research shows 1 in 3 women globally have experienced violence, and 2 women every week in the UK are killed by a current or former male partner.  Shocking statistics, and it would be good if each of us can take a stand to make a difference.

Be a First Man Standing this Valentines day;