TV & Radio Goodies

ShedTalkHey guys, a couple of notable media events this week.  Did you catch Sunday evening’s kick off of the men’s program ShedTalk on Premier Christian radio?

Shed talk hosts Carl Beech, Head of CVM, live from the Shed alongside Jeremy and Dave as they banter about faith, men and the church.

…and if you did miss it here is a link to listen again when you get a spare 30 mins; ShedTalkThis is a weekly show – Sundays 9-9.30pm – catch it live next week!

Bear GryllsAlso, later this week sees Piers Morgan’s Life Stories focus on Bear Grylls (Friday 19th Sept 9pm on ITV).

Here is the blurb from the ITV website;

In this last show of the series Piers will be interviewing Bear Grylls as he reflects on his life and career as one of the most famous TV adventurers and all round action man. Bear talks to Piers about having to perform extreme survival challenges and opens up about serving in the military’s most elite force – the SAS, and his astounding ascent of Everest, at just 23. He also opens up to Piers about a freak parachuting accident, which nearly left him paralysed.

Bear is also a Christian & not afraid to talk about it.  So why not tune in and spark a debate with your mates at work!  After Bear prayed over food on his recent Channel 4 series ‘The Island’, the next day my work colleagues were keen to talk about it.  So don’t miss this opportunity!