July Men’s Bible Study

HardCorps_DaiHankeyOur next bible study is Saturday!

This month we’re continuing to use this book (Hard Corps) to help lead our bible study.

We’ll hear about Shammah, and then take a look at Luke 18.

Stand your ground: in the field with Shammah – warrior of purpose

Our men’s bible study consists of a relaxed chat through a chapter from a book of the bible, of course with a coffee!

So join us Saturday July 12th, 8.30am in Christ Church Hall, Warminster.  We plan to make these meetings fit in a busy schedule, so we promise to finish by 9:30 at the latest.  

What is it like?  We take a chapter or two, read it through together & chat through what we find. Absolutely no experience of bible study is necessary, all you need is a thirst to find out more & a willingness to share.

Where is it? We will meet in the Church Hall, Christ Church, Warminster; see map below.

What shall I bring?  Yourself!  We will supply coffee/tea and a bible if you like.

Is there any cost?  No, not a bean!

Look forward to seeing you there.


2 thoughts on “July Men’s Bible Study

  1. Hi Si,

    Sorry I won’t be to attend this Bible study, as we’ll be at the Keswick Convention.

    Hopefully I’ll see you next time.


    Stephen W

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