May Men’s Bible Study

HardCorps_DaiHankeyOur next bible study is this weekend!

This month we’re going to use this book to help lead our bible study.  How many action heroes can you name with the initials JB?  (James Bond… Jack Bauer… Jason Bourne…)

We’ll hear about Josheb-Basshebeth and then take a look at Romans 8.

Set your face: defying the odds with Josheb-basshebeth

Our men’s bible study consists of a relaxed chat through a chapter or two from a book of the bible, of course with a coffee!

So join us Saturday May 10th, 8.30am in Christ Church Hall, Warminster.  We plan to make these meetings fit in a busy schedule, so we promise to finish by 9:30 at the latest.  

What is it like?  We take a chapter or two, read it through together & chat through what we find. Absolutely no experience of bible study is necessary, all you need is a thirst to find out more & a willingness to share.

Where is it? We will meet in the Church Hall, Christ Church, Warminster; see map below.

What shall I bring?  Yourself!  We will supply coffee/tea and a bible if you like.

Is there any cost?  No, not a bean!

Look forward to seeing you there.