Strive Tithe

TitheAs mentioned at our last men’s breakfast, the first 10% of every penny that is donated towards any of our events is put aside as a tithe.  Yes, this is before we cover costs.  We at Strive believe this to be a non-negotiable biblical president.

So now the time has come to decide where to donate this money.  You can vote, using the poll below.  First a little something about the chosen shortlist;

Christian Vision for Men – These are the people that support & resource the work we do.  They are a charity providing the well thought through framework, they answer our queries and put on large events, like The Gathering. Quite simply without them our work would not be what it is today.

Restored – With shocking stats for example; in the UK 167 women are raped every day, this charity are working to transform relationships and end violence against women.

Tearfund – Are a global charity who respond to disasters, campaign for justice, and help churches do whatever it takes to get close and stay close to the people who need them.

All very worthy charities.  Please cast your vote below before the end of August, and we will let you know where the donation will go in September.