Film Night


Introducing the inaugural Strive Film Night – it’s back on!

Film & pizza, Saturday 2nd March 7:30 at the Organ Inn, Warminster.

This will be an excellent film, sorry we can’t state which exactly due to copywrite. However it is a recent film, based on the career of a very famous formula one driver.  Definitely one to invite your mates to, Christians and not will both equally enjoy it.

Plan is to watch the film, eat a bit of pizza, and sample the hospitalities of The Organ Inn.  At no cost, but bring some cash for drinks, and we’ll ask for a donation towards the pizza.

Please let us know if you plan to come & bring a friend – although it’s no cost the venue is space limited.  Either comment here, or drop us an email

Here’s The Organ Inn and also a link to a map of it’s location (49 High Street, Warminster)

Look forward to seeing you there!


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