24-7 Prayer

24-7 PrayerExciting news, there is a 24-7 prayer event happening in Warminster!

The event runs Sunday 17 Feb 6pm through to Saturday 23 Feb 6pm at Christ Church.

There will be a series of prayer stations, all offering different ways to pray.

We encourage you to go and use this event, it will really help you to engage with God – superbly timed for Lent as well.  We’ve been fortunate enough to attend a few before, and they are really excellent times to find new ways to pray.

We have booked 8-9pm Tuesday 19 February as a Strive session.  Please do come along to that.  Timed to fit in after work, a perfect way to end your day!

Don’t let that limit you though, remember it’s a 24-7 event, you literally have all week to go & as many times as you like!

Look forward to seeing you there!