God Loves Women

woman_leaderGod loves women (or more accurately @God_loves_women) is a twitter account I follow, and her thoughts are as important to me as that of, say, Carl Beech (@CarlFBeech) the head of Christian Vision for Men. The same could be said of many other female Christians (even non-tweeters!).

 The media has been full of negative stories about Christians degrading and undervaluing women recently, and to be quite frank I’ve had enough.

I guess this all started with the Bishop thing. Now, in my view, actually that motion in itself is good it didn’t pass. From what I understand it would’ve created a second class of Bishops for women, and that is wrong. Of course no women Bishops at all isn’t better, but equal women Bishops is what we need to strive for.

A few fays ago the Daily Mail negatively misrepresented a member of the female clergy. I say negatively misrepresented because people who know her have said this, not because it’s in the media.

Yesterday a storm brewed over the Bristol CU, apparently banning women speakers. Again on the face of it that is wrong, but I’m assured by people close to it this has also been misrepresented.

I don’t know about you but I can’t help but think there is a reason for this. How about an attempt to hide the real Christian agenda? What you may not have seen (though some have carried articles) in the papers are the uprising of campaigns supporting and fighting for equality and justice for women;

No more page 3  – a campaign to ban the printing of women with few clothes on in the popular national newspaper.  There is a petition here.

Make modesty wraps law – a campaign to enforce modesty wraps on ‘lads mags’ and the like to stop images objectifying women being in open display.  More can be read about this on this CVM post. Again a petition is here.

Restored – a campaign to end violence against women. Consider joining their First Man Standing campaign.

Anti-trafficking and also 27 million campaign – every 30 seconds another person becomes a victim of human trafficking, largely into the sex trade. Simply sickening.

Campaigning for women Bishops and another Synod vote. You can sign this petition.

Let’s be honest, what should be headline news, 27 million people trafficked or what’s going on in I’m A Celebrity?

I think we need a backlash to the negativity. Guys stand up, take action, support these campaigns and lift up women around you. Maybe not physically! But make it clear in your actions that women are both good enough to be our leaders and we also need & expect them to be in senior roles.  Don’t be a nice quiet Christian now, please take action. If enough people take action maybe the media will take to reporting important news accurately.  What are you waiting for? Sign up on those sites above, it’s a good place to start.

Oh and if you have a wife/daughter then make sure they know there is no ‘glass ceiling’, and support them in their calling. If you don’t have a wife or daughter, then go and tell a woman you respect that you support her, and follow it up with your actions.

After all God loves women.
(PS if you’re still not sure, have a good study of all the magnificent women in the bible, many of which were great leaders)