Working Party

Men at work!

Calling all men – we have a job to do!

From time to time we like to help out & right now we have a dying yew tree in the Christ Church yard.  A bunch of rubble etc is around the base and causing it some distress.

So come together men & let’s put this right!

Join us in some banter and rubble shifting in the Christ Church grounds from 10am this Saturday 1st December.

What you need:  Yourself & some gloves

What you’ll get: A bit of fun & banter, as well as an enormous sense of well being for saving a tree

We plan to be done by midday, but the earlier we finish the sooner we can pop in the church and see what the fair trade fair is all about.

No need to pre-book this one – it’ll just be great to see you there.

Any questions drop us a line;