Breakfast in April – 28th April at 8.30 in the Church Hall

Mens BreakfastLast month we heard from a guy who helped to design the space shuttle and was responsible for decommissioning a Radiochemical facility and how his faith was important to him in the workplace.  This month we have another clever chap coming to talk to us.

Matthew Street has graduated twice from Oxford university and is currently the vicar at Peasedown St John but prior to ordination he had a distinguished career in marketing, working with brands as diverse as Samsung and Heinz.  He will tell us how he reconciled his deep faith with the challenges of developing a professional career.

I have known Matthew for many years had heard him speak often; I promise you a stimulating and encouraging talk.

If you want to come along please let us know either email or call the office 01985 212138.
According to my research Peasedown is the largest village in South England; so how many houses do they need to build to be the smallest town?


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  1. Corsley….is perhaps the second biggest village in the south if England as its spread over such a wide area

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