Well I’m not sure about you, but I find time is a commodity I don’t seem to have a lot of.

I go through periods of being fed up that life is too busy, and others glad life is full. A wise man once told me a balanced life is like a bar of soap, as soon as you grip it, it’s gone again.

Recently I have been thinking you have to take hold of the moment to make things happen.  Oh, and it’s not as go-getting as that sounds! Let’s start with a simple question;


How do you spend your annual leave (or down time if you’re self employed/a student/retired)?

I think the answer to that is telling.   Pardon me if I generalise with this, please do adjust to your circumstances!

Most of us have 20-30 days a year to play with. Take out a bit for Christmas trips to family, summer break and maybe a spring one too making the most of a bank holiday or two. That may leave a few left over.

So how do you use those days?

Some guys from Strive are off to do some work for an orphanage in Bulgaria.  This is fantastic & we plan to post more on that soon. Serving is a great use of those precious leave days. Doesn’t have to be so grand, maybe take a few hours to help a neighbour? Or you don’t have to look far to find need for a helpful hand in the church!

I have recently taken a few days to build relationships, and they have paid huge dividends. I’d like to share them with you;

The first I organised a golf day with my brother and Dad. Courtesy of Groupon (a bargain finding website) it didn’t cost much & rebuilt our bond that was waining. In fact I’d go so far as saying I have a brother back I thought I’d lost.  It was the kind of event that has long been lost behind busy family lives.

The second was the best though. A day with my wife. No plans, no long list of jobs, and no kids (and you have to fight for each of those!). An annual leave day for ‘just’ spending time with my wife. It cost me exactly £0, just one of those ‘left over’ annual leave days. The result has been priceless, a reaction beyond any present or gesture I’ve given before. Go for a walk together, enjoy a slow cuppa & the papers, whatever, but listen hard to everything she says. This has been a revolutionary day for our relationship.

I think this goes to show that time is one of the most precious commodities in this day & age. How about lavishing some of your time on those you love? Give it a try & see what happens.

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