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Power ToolsSo what keeps you engaged with your faith and moving towards God?  Clearly the number one and two for me are (in order!) 1. God, and 2. Fellowship.
Why God?  Well by spending time with God, just like any relationship, that relationship builds.  I’m not blessed with a wonderful ear for Him, so really have to work at it.  Bible study, prayer times & right now challenging myself to add quiet times too – all every day.  Many of the tools below I use to just make me build this relationship up (& i mean make me!).
What do I mean by fellowship?  Simply put; spending time with other Christians.  I’m very lucky to have a strongly Christian wife too, but also the support of others from the small group I go to, and especially other like-minded men… Strive!  You guys keep me in check, challenge me (sometimes without you knowing it!) and uplift me.
Beyond those (or rather alongside those) There are a bunch of tools you can use to help.  I’d thought I’d setup a list & ask you to add to it.
Daily Devotionals
These are the sort of things that can help by prompting you every day;
UCB Word For Today – it’s one I use from time to time & can be a decent pep-talk when I need it.  Though I find no replacement for reading the bible, it really has helped my walk tremendously.  This comes in email, online or great little booklet sent to your home.
Wordlive from the Scripture Union.  Not one I have used, but have been sent a few & they look good.  May give it a go as a Word For Today replacement.
Codelife – from those men’s men over at Christian Vision for Men, a great way to connect with the bible & God.  You can pickup a little book that fits in your back pocket, and refer to it from time to time.  A great handy resource that I have found extremely helpful, connecting me to God in both a masculine & Christian way.
Bible Reading
Tools to help you read & connect with the bible;
Youversion – such a wealth of resources. Apps for most technology things (phone/tablet/i-thingys), this is my bible in my pocket of choice.  Also featuring some great reading plans (from a few days through to a year), so many versions of the bible, note taking, bookmarking, online events and audio bibles.  This is a truly amazing free bible resource.  I tend to have a reading plan on the go & ends up being the meat of my bible reading.  Can also fill the gap of daily devotional or even prayer & reflection.
E100 Challenge – a great way to cover the bible reasonably quickly.  50 old testament and 50 new testament readings, covering the main stories & themes of the bible.  Online blogs to support you and also a book too if that’s more your thing.
Soul Survivor Bible in A Year – You don’t have to be young to do this!  Great resources, videos & blogs to support your journey through the bible.  Just a few chapters a day & you’ll be done in a year.  Pick up from where they are & follow it back around, a great resource.
Holy Trinity Brompton Bible in One Year – very similar to that of the Souly one above.  Another great supporting resource.
You’ve Got The Time – 40 days to cover the whole of the new testament!  Just 30ish minutes listening to a free download of the new testament every day.  Listen and/or read the given chapters everyday & you will see an amazing impact on your life.  Our church has completed this recently & many people are re-doing it this Lent.  A great idea!
Don’t let your prayer life go stale!  there are loads of resources out there to keep it alive, we’re not just talking about sitting in a quiet room and mumbling a few words to God here;
24/7 prayer – A huge community of prayers, post your own prayers on the wailing wall, pick up ideas for a prayer room or where in the country 24/7 prayer events are happening.
RevivalRun – get out & pray for your workplace, community or your neighboring town.  Someone has staked Warminster!
Creative Prayer – some great ideas on how to engage differently with prayer; drawing, writing letters, even smashing plates!  I have used this resource a lot & found some great ideas.
Great for a long journey, or having on when you work/doing your chores;
The Beechy & Willmott Drivetime Show – gone quiet since Christmas, but a new series expected very soon!  A superb collection of podcasts with guys talking about the bible & having a laugh along the way.
Church of England Podcasts – I have found some superb chats on here.  Not always my cup of tea, but many engaging topics covered.
Please let me know what you find useful & share more ideas!

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  1. Some really good ideas here Si; thought it worth mentioning that Christ Church Warminster will taking part in http://www.24-7prayer.com/ in the last week of March.
    Also if any guy wants to listen to Beechy and Wilmott’s podcasts they should follow your link and sign up for it because they’re about to start a new series!

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