Breakfast in March

On Saturday 31st March Strive will be holding our monthly men’s breakfast at Christ Church hall starting about 8.30. As well as the fellowship of other men and the excellent breakfast cooked by our resident chefs we also have a guest speaker.

We are going to continue the theme of having Christian men sharing their experience of how they apply their faith in the workplace. This month we are going to discuss a unique challenge that really stretched our speaker.

Imagine you own a large nuclear radiochemical facility, you’ve decided to shut it down and decommission it and make all of the current workers redundant. What sort of person do you get to run that programme?

They’ll have to be an engineer who’s on top of their game. They’ll have to be a programme manager that knows how to deliver. They’ll need fantastic people skills, you’ve got to motivate a workforce that are about to join the ranks of the unemployed. And they’ll need balls of steel because if they get this wrong it has the potential to contaminate a large area of South Oxfordshire, and there are lots of votes in South Oxfordshire!

When they make the movie they’ll be casting Bruce Willis!

You can meet the real thing because the guy who ran that programme is going to be with us for breakfast. Oh, by the way, as well as all of the attributes mentioned above he is also an ordained priest. Maybe Bruce won’t get the part after all.

If you want to come along please let us know either email or call the office 01985 212138.