Pornography – The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth  is a project committed to fighting pornography through prayer and action.  It’s a project that I fully support.  The reason I am posting this is that they have just published a blog that I think will speak to some of us. have a look and let me know what you think.

You’ll find the info on their site but I am going to copy some of it here because I think it is important that we understand the scale of the problem porn presents:

53% of Christian men consume pornography.
1 in 4 pastors will look at porn today.
47% of families are worried that porn is a problem in their home.
Every second, 28,000 people view porn online.
There are 116,000 searches for child porn everyday.

On one level these are very distressing figures but if you are a victim you are not alone, your brothers in Strive are here to help.


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