What are you giving up?

No coffee for lent?Well it’s that time again, Lent & time to give something up right?

I think it’s right to take a regular look at what you value & how your actions reflect that.  Lent activities are a good tool for that – a reminder for a life-wide spring clean.  Personally giving up chocolate, coffee, or anything else for that matter isn’t helpful for me.  At least where I am today.  However I do feel I need to use the time.

So this year I’m giving up… giving up!  Instead I’m going to try and use the time more positively.  Here are a few links to sites which have some great tools to help you do a similar thing;

40 Acts

The website is here; http://www.40acts.org.uk 40 days, 40 reflections, 40 simple acts. You can pop your email into their site & they’ll send you a daily action and reflection written by people like Nicky Gumbel (Alpha course) & Rob Parsons (Family ministry).  This also has resources for children.

Tearfund Carbon Fast

The website is here: Tearfund.org  What cost do our energy-intensive lifestyles have…on us…on poor communities…on God’s creation?  Again has daily action points and emails to support.

Daily Reading

How about taking up a daily devotional, if you don’t already?  There are many good resources out there for this (I can feel a later blog about this subject too!).  Here are some to try & let us know if you use another one;

UCB word for today (available by email, on-line & in a booklet)

Wordlive from the scripture union(available via email, on-line & podcast)

Youversion – many bible reading plans available on-line, via an app on your mobile, and also email

Daily Prayer

Commit simply to praying daily throughout Lent for whatever is on your heart.  You could try varying the subjects over the 40 days to include yourself, loved ones, place of work, your town, country & the wider world.

So what are you doing for Lent this year?  I’m going with the 40acts.  Let us know what you chose & how you get on, especially if it’s something different.


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